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Skilled. Considerate. Cooperative.

I am 34 years old Member of Parliament and Master of Social Sciences. I am a member of the Helsinki City Council and a chairman of the Social Democratic Party group of councilors.

I was born in Helsinki where I also went to school. I studied at the University of Lapland. I have lived in several suburbs in Helsinki, such as Kurkimäki, Mellunkylä and Vallila. I have found my permanent home in Myllypuro. Outdoor activities in the wonderful nature of Helsinki are close to my heart.

I want to promote equal services, fair working life, as well as welfare of children and senior citizens. I want to ensure that we have affordable housing in Helsinki, and also cherish natural values. Based on my work in the city council I know that results require cooperation and therefore I want to be a politician known for my skills of cooperation.


Fair prevention of climate change

Environmental protection must be a priority

Good public transportation and promotion of carbon-free transportation

Affordable housing

Helsinki must provide affordable homes

We must ensure smooth traffic in the capital

Koulutuksella tasa-arvoa
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Quality in local services

Timely access to medical services

Medical care services given at home must function well

Each neighborhood must have accessible day care and school


Helsinki must be good and fair employer

Fair and attractive salary to all employees